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About Camel Hill Exotic Animals

At Camel Hill we take the breeding, raising and care and sale of our animals seriously.  They are given the highest degree of attention and love.

We have on-site staff, Rudy and Rafaela, that looks after their every need on a daily basis. For more information on how we care for our camels, their grooming, socialization, training and environment click here.

Our normal routine is to keep bags of carrots in the barn, which are doled out as treats every day.

We are constantly learning new breeding and birthing techniques used in the industry.  We are one of a few breeders that successfully uses intrauterine rotation if a fetus is breached. We also use a squeeze chute so the vet can safely and securely palpate a pregnant female and perform ultrasound at the same time.

About Camel Hill Vineyards

Camel Hill Vineyards is a small family owned farm in the Noviatiate of Las Gatos, California.  In 1996, Jon and B.J. Anderson, the owners and growers, began creating this beautiful oasis.

We grow award wining grapes fertilized by the bounty of the natural compost and manure produced by the farm. 

Contact us to get more information about our baby camels, premier estate wines or any of our other animals.

Jon and mother and baby camel


Camel Hill Topiary

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