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Other Animals of Camel Hill

In additiion to camels we raise a number of different animals here at Camel Hill including:

  • Horses (Friesians & Fjords),
  • Emus, and
  • Sicilian Donkeys



The emu is a prehistoric, flightless bird which roamed the outback of Australia 80 million years ago. Much like the Native Americans' relationship with the bison, the Aborigines looked upon the emu (Kalaya in Aborigine) as the core of their existence. The emu provided them with food, clothing shelter and spiritual sustenance.

Today, this bird of the past is playing a large role in the future of American agriculture. Mature emu breeder hens can produce 20 - 50 chicks each year (October to April season) and can be productive for 20 years or more, making them far more profitable than traditional livestock.

In the wild, emu eat fruits, flowers, insects, seeds and green vegetation; they love caterpillars. To aid in their digestive process, they will swallow large stones. They need water daily.

On American farms, emu are raised on feed formulated to optimize growth. They are housed in spacious pens providing ample room to grow. Emu grow to be between 5 1/2 to 6 feet tall and weigh 110 to 120 pounds.

We raise our emus in a loving, natural, stress-free and humane atmosphere with plenty of space to run, roam, and forage for dandelions, chickweed, and clover. Our emus do not receive hormones, steriods, or antibiotics. We aim to be a certified organic farm and are taking the steps necessary to finalize this.

Sicilian Donkeys

The Sicilian donkey is a miniature breed of donkey, reaching a height of 28 to 38 inches at the withers and weighing between 250 and 450 pounds. The Sicilian breed, noted for its sweet and affectionate disposition, has a distinct cross-shaped marking along the back beginning at the base of the neck. They  originated on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Our donkeys love people and attention.

Sicillian Donkey

Sicillian Donkey

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