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  • Bactrian Female
  • Born in 2004

Born in 2004, Bea arrived at Camel Hill as a wild yearling in July 2005. She wouldn’t let us near her and so we separated her from the herd and showered her with attention and training. We quickly discovered that she was the smartest camel we had ever seen. She thrived on being active and involved and immediately took to playing with a Jolly Ball™. Of course, she knew we were watching her, and that pleased her all the more. Dorothy, our professional trainer, sensed that Bea was a fast learner and taught her to step up and onto a fence post with both feet when offered a carrot and also to nod “yes” on cue.

Bea is our darkest-brown Bactrian and the only female who walks with a noticeably confident swing and sway — similar to a model walking the runway. Not only is she special, she knows she’s special.

We knew she’d be a unique first-time mom, and she proved us right. When Beau, her first calf, began to walk, she herded him around the pen with her front shoulders and legs, right and then left, guiding him every which way, something we had never seen before nor since.

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Beatrice - female bactrian

Beatrice herding Beau


Beatrice with Jolly Ball

Beatrice with a Jolly Ball™

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