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Bonnie - Sold

Bonnie was born on March 17, 2011, was the first calf born to Buttercup, our largest brown Bactrian female, and was sired by Smokey Joe.

Although Buttercup is a good mother, she has a strong herd instinct and tells us every day how much she misses Smokey Joe. Consequently, little Bonnie is quickly becoming independent and often happily plays by herself in her own little world. She’s curious like most calves at this age but is not so quick to run away when approached. She has the laid-back nature of her mom and is likely to continue in this fashion as she matures.

Bonnie is light grayish brown with dark-tipped humps. She is shown here at ten days old and also at three weeks.

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Bonnie and Buttercup - Bactrian Females

Buttercup and 10-day-old Bonnie


Bonnie Bactrian Female

Bonnie at Three Weeks

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