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Lexi - Sold

Lexi arrived on March 12, 2011 and is the second calf out of Beatrice and Smokey Joe. At this time Lexi is grey-brown with dark-tipped humps. Beatrice’s first calf was pure white, and so we know the white gene exists in the offspring of Bea and Smokey Joe.

Mom and calf have closely bonded and are often seen nuzzling and hanging out together. A calf’s personality usually resembles that of its mom, and this is readily apparent in these two. Beatrice is exceedingly at ease around people, and Lexi is showing this same trait.

Shown here is Lexi at one-day old and at three weeks.

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Lexi - bactrian female

Beatrice and one-day-old Lexi


Lexi - bactrian female

Lexi at Three Weeks

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