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  • Dromedary Female
  • Born in 1990

Another of our dromedary breeding females is Mavis, who was born in 1990 and continues to reproduce to this day. Like Chantilly, Mavis came to us from Australia when she was six months old.

A slightly crooked smile is the easiest way to recognize her. We have no idea why she has a crooked mouth, but it is hers and hers alone and doesn't carry through to her offspring. She has a dense and dark brownish-gray coat that is straight rather than curly. Although slightly more aloof than Chantilly, she appreciates attention and even stops eating when being groomed.

Mavis has given birth to eleven calves and thus far is our only dromedary to have been bred by our Bactrian bull, Smokey Joe. So, be sure to watch for our first F1 hybrid.

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Mavis - Dromedary Female


Mavis - dromedary mare

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