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Sweet Pea

  • Bactrian Female
  • Born in 2001

Sweet Pea (formerly Ginger) joined Camel Hill in April 2006, along with Snowflake.   She was soon regarded as one of the sweetest camels ever, and therefore renamed Sweet Pea. Her coat is a medium reddish brown, and she is slightly smaller than the other female Bactrians.

Sweet Pea’s disposition is the most laid back and docile of the females. As in any social structure, there is dominance, submission, and everything in between. Sweet Pea is more at the submissive end of the hierarchy, but it doesn’t take long to see that she is “her own camel.” She nonchalantly watches the others run for the hay bin at feeding time and then slowly walks to a bin, fully confident that she will eat sooner or later. When necessary, she firmly stands her ground. She never complains and is content whether she’s alone or with the herd.

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Sweat Pea - Female Bactrian Camel

Sweet Pea

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