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The offspring ofAngel and Smokey Joe, Avatar was born at Camel Hill on March 16, 2010. He is the second of two all-white Bactrian calves out of Angel, the first being Major who was born in 2008.

Rejected by his mom at birth, Avatar has been a bottle-baby from day one. It is not uncommon for a camel mother to reject her young, although this is the first case here at Camel Hill. However, the spirit of a baby camel is very strong, and Avatar is just as happy and independent as he can be. His training and grooming sessions have begun, and he’s quickly becoming a well-mannered youngster.

Avatar, nearly a year old in these later photos, is full of personality and is eager to play with most anything and anyone at any time. As you can see, he’s really charmed by his wheelbarrow and is simply determined to crawl inside. He’s also very fond of Jon and nuzzles him whenever he can.


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Avatar - bactrain bull


Avatar and wheelbarrow

Avatar and Jon

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