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Carter - Sold

Carter was born on June 13, 2013 and was named after a dear and departed friend of ours, Peter Carter. Peter designed the very elegant look of this website many years ago and as a professional photographer also provided photos for this website.

Carter happens to be the tallest camel born at Camelhill so far. We could hardly believe our eyes when we first saw his long, stilt-like legs. While yet with his mother, he was very devoted and protective of her, a rather good trait for such a young camel.

Although Carter carries the white gene (both parents are creamy white), you can see in the most recent photo that his coloring continues to show light and dark points, also a highly attractive feature. Carter is easy to work with and fortunately stood very still for this recent photo.

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Carter - bactrian male

Carter, August 2013

Carter - bactrian male

Carter and Angel


Carter - bactrian male


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