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George Junior

George Junior was born on June 1st, 2012 and is George Senior's last offspring with Chantilly.

You might have guessed that Junior is the apple of our eye! As he continues to grow, we see more and more of a resemblance to his father George.

Junior is a very affectionate young camel who receives a great deal of attention from all visitors and he thoroughly enjoys it. Second in line to receive attention from him is his 40-inch Equi-Spirit™ ball. The question of the day: When will he no longer play with this giant toy? We’ll keep you posted.

Horatio and Justo

Junior, September 2014

Smokey Joe - Bactrian Bull

Junior at birth, June 2012


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Justo - dromedary bull

Junior, September 2014



Justo - dromedary bull

Junior, July 2014




Junior, one month old

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