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Horatio - Sold

  • Dromedary Bull
  • Born in 2008
  • Out of Simone and George

The offspring of George and Simone and born in November 2008, Horatio is a gentle and playful young male with excellent conformation and friendly disposition. Like other young camels at this age, Horatio enjoys being active and involved and is curious about everything. He and his next-door buddy, Justo, enjoy each other’s company and frequently play with one another to pass the day. Camels easily and quickly bond to other camels at a young age, and these two are practically “joined at the hip.” They both enjoy being with people, but playing with one means playing with both.

Horatio has a special place in our hearts because he was the last calf born to Simone, the dearest and gentlest of females who died at age 18 of natural causes and shortly after giving birth to Horatio. Having known his mom for only a couple of weeks and essentially having grown up alone, Horatio deserves that special home that will give him continued attention and loving care. Because Horatio and Justo have bonded so strongly, it is our wish that they be sold together.


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Horatio - Bactrian Bull

Simone and Horatio

Simone and Horatio

Horatio and Justo
Horatio and Justo

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