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Justo - Sold

  • Dromedary Bull
  • Born in 2009
  • Out of Chantilly and George

The offspring of Chantilly and George, Justo was born in May 2009 and is one of our friendliest young camels. His most endearing behavior is to rest his head on someone’s arm or shoulder and then to see who will outlast whom. He’s been known to do this for very long periods of time, which is highly unusual because it’s not often a young camel stands perfectly still for that length of time. His sweet disposition is definitely a plus.

When Justo was born, he was “all legs.” To this day, even though he is six months younger than Horatio, he is nearly the same height and size. Because these two camels have bonded so strongly, it is our wish that they be sold together.

Horatio and Justo
Horatio and Justo

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Justo - dromedary bull

Justo, 1.5 months old


Justo - dromedary bull

Justo with mother, Chantilly

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