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  • Bactrian Bull
  • Born in 2011
  • Out of Nellie and Smokey Joe

Max (short for Maximilian) was born on June 10, 2011 and is the offspring of Nellie and Smokey Joe. We produce many white baby camels, but usually there are a few darker areas on their coats, such as on their humps. Max, however, is pure white. Like his parents, who are both very large, he going to be a big, big boy once his body “grows into his legs."

His lineage is notable because he comes from two unrelated generations of white on both parental sides. Two years later, as we write this, Max is still pure white, with no changes in color. He is very friendly, easy to work with, in excellent condition, and has outstanding conformation.

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Max - bactrain bull

Max at 4.5 months old

Max - bactrain bull

Max at two weeks old


Max 2014

Max in summer coat 2014

Max 2014

Max in winter coat 2014

Max - bactrain bull

Max at 1.5 years old

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