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Smokey Joe

  • Bactrian Bull
  • Born in 1998

We are extremely proud of our white Bactrian bull, who arrived at Camel Hill from Montana in August 2007, along with Angel and Nellie. Smokey Joe came to us from the well-known breeder Al Deutsch, whose breeding of Bactrians covers some 30 years and whose largest herd at one time numbered 76. Worth noting is Smokey Joe’s appearance in “The Book of Mormon Movie,” which was filmed in 2003.

Not enough can be said about Smokey Joe’s easy-going nature — a gentle giant to be sure. Anyone can pet him, even young children, but Jon is the one with whom Smokey Joe has a special bond. When he sees or hears Jon, he’ll walk from the farthest end of the pasture to greet him.

Avatar, Smokey Joe’s first calf out of Angel, was born here at Camel Hill in March 2010.

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Smokey Joe - Bactrian Bull

Smokey Joe - Bactrian Bull

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