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About Dorothy Donell

Dorothy is a professional horse trainer as well as a professional singer. She specializes in training Friesian and Arabian horses, and has done all of the performance and trick training of her own Dorothy Donnell on a Fresianhorses.

Dorothy performs as "Soprano On A Dancing Horse".  Her Horseback Singing Performances have thrilled audiences at many events and grand occasions including:

  • Horse Shows
  • Grand Opera
  • Rodeos
  • Patriotic Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Commercials Dorothy Donnell showing a Fjord
  • Movies
  • Television
  • Corporate
  • Theatrical Production

"GENTLY BUT FIRMLY!" has always been her motto with the horses. She has unique talent and expertise in teaching a horse to understand and enjoy its individual job in life.

Dorothy believes the essential ingredients for success in training horses are:

  • Common Sense
  • Excellent Knowledge and Experience
  • Tons of Patience
  • Lots of Love

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Handling and Training Camels

Dorothy has also been training our camels, both Dromedary and Bactrian, for several years.  She finds them very interesting and intelligent creatures.

Dorothy with baby camel

Dorothy with Avatar and horses
Dorothy on Avatar
with from left to right,
Cerefina, Angel, Zara and Valentine


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